Media Strategy

Definition of the best media strategy

Based on a briefing stating the context, the campaign and business objectives, your targets, your budget, your timing, etc. I will advise you about different media strategies both off- and online enabling you to reach given objectives.

The strategy will, according to objectives, contain the following input:

  • Analysis of media effort of competition
  • Target audience definition with insights
  • Chosen media and tactics
  • Evaluation method per tactic/ media/ message
  • Spread-out over time of media activities

Development of a detailed media plan

The media strategy is translated into a detailed media plan with the ideal solution in terms of specific media mix and media channels. The plan will include periodicity, frequency, negotiation level, performances, targeting and creative approach for each channel in one overview.

Follow up of media activity

My services include the follow up of the media activity to define learning and readjust activities according results and defined KPI.